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Sand and Rock Bins with Under-Bin Collection Belts, Cement Silo w/Dust Control System, Water Metering System, Twin Screw Blending Chamber, Truck Loading Discharge Conveyor on Main Plant, Auxiliary Cement Bin Feeds Main Plant with Auger/Screw Conveyor, Van Trailer Mounted 217 kVA Genset with Controls and Parts Storage Space, T/A Dry Bulk Product Storage Trailer. Contact Matheus Duarte at (925) 380-1032 and Angel Aguayo at (925) 968-4920. Or make an offer above. Se Habla Español.

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Apparence générale
Description Évaluation Détails  
Numéro de série/Numéro d'identification du véhicule automobile Main Batcher SN: DB 10 308; Auxiliary Batch Bin: 2200--62; Control/Generator Trailer: 8U0 5653 007. No data plates found on other items.

Main Plant
Description Évaluation Détails  
Main components are in place and machine appears to be generally complete. Some lines and hoses for the dust control cracked/broken. Shipping dimensions: 8’10” wide, 41’ long, 13’ tall

Auxiliary cement batch bin
Description Évaluation Détails  
Main components are in place and machine appears to be generally complete. Some lines and hoses for product transfer cracked/broken. Shipping dimensions: 10’2” wide, 41’ long, 13’ tall

Auger/screw conveyor
Description Évaluation Détails  
No identifying marks, data tags or labels found. Appears to be generally complete. Right side leg/stand bent. Not operationally checked. Dimensions: 6’ wide, 30’ long, 13’ tall

Plant controls / Generator Trailer
Description Évaluation Détails  
The trailer has three rooms from front to rear: Plant control/office, parts/supplies storage, generator. Trailer Vin: 8U0 5653 007. Year: 80, Make: Utility, Model: INC. 48' Long x 13'2" High x 8' Wide. Has Vehicle Standards Compliance Label. Trailer GVRW: 65,000. Tire size: 205/75R24.5. Ingersoll-Rand 217 kVA John Deere 6.8L diesel powered generator w/ 12346 Hours. Engine has EPA label. Engine has signs of fuel a leak, no engine oil or coolant leaks seen. Generator is hard wired to connection mounted on trailer exterior. Stairs are fitted for double doors on side of trailer.

Bulk Product Trailer
Description Évaluation Détails  
No manufactures data plate found. Tire size 11R22.5. Item appears to be generally complete. Item not operationally checked. Dimensions: 8’ wide, 45’ long, 13’tall. Lights and brakes not operationally checked, tires appear to be ok.
Réclamations :
This item is offered with IronClad Assurance® protection. With IronClad Assurance®, if a buyer discovers that the item is not substantially in the condition as represented in this inspection report, the buyer may submit a written dispute claim to IronPlanet. Following submission of a written dispute claim, IronPlanet will investigate the claim, re-inspecting the equipment item as necessary, and determine a fair and mutually beneficial resolution. Please note that IronPlanet inspections are performed solely for the purpose of reporting the visible condition of the equipment's major systems and attachments on the day of the inspection and do not include load testing or digging/lifting. These inspections are not designed nor intended to detect latent defects, or conditions that could only be found in connection with the physical dismantling of the equipment or the use of diagnostic tools or techniques. This inspection report includes ratings, comments, and photos of the various components of the item. Knowledgeable buyers are expected to carefully review all of the available information in the inspection report, including all photographs, in order to make the best bidding and buying decision possible.
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